Trailer Mounted Lifts


  • Platform Height | 34ft
  • Working Outreach | 16ft 6in
  • Safe Working Load | 500lbs
  • Minimum Weight | 2630lbs

The Nifty TM34 is a robust and versatile towable cherry picker. It has retractable axles that allow it to pass through a 3ft 7in wide opening or doorway giving better access to applications.


  • Platform Height | 42ft
  • Working Outreach | 25ft
  • Safe Working Load | 500lbs
  • Minimum Weight | 3915lbs

Its compact dimensions and hydraulic outriggers make maneuvering and setting up the TM42T both quick and easy and it’s spacious 4ft 7in wide platform provides the user plenty of room to work.


  • Platform Height | 49ft 6in
  • Working Outreach | 28ft 6in
  • Safe Working Load | 440lbs
  • Minimum Weight | 4760lbs

Octagonal boom sections provide the TM50 strength without compromising on weight and the telescopic upper boom improves accuracy when positioning the platform.


  • Platform Height | 62ft 6in
  • Working Outreach | 39ft 6in
  • Safe Working Load | 500lbs
  • Minimum Weight | 7700lbs

The TM64’s special boom design makes it ideal for working near walls or buildings. A single control allows its platform to move vertically while remaining parallel to the job, saving time and improving efficiency.

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